the artist


Moira Bigelli was born in Marotta in 1977 and always lived there. Her studies took her to Bologna where she obtained a BA in Oriental Studies. At the same time she developed an interest in arts and a fascination for oriental countries. She is a keen traveller and by visiting new places and studying different cultures, has enabled her to express her ideas in original ways.
Moira began her artistic journey as self –thought artist and later with the guidance of various art professors, that showed her new techniques, had been able to create her own style.
Her unique artistic expression is inspired by reality that then, through the texture of acrylic paint, becomes a new dimension of dream-like state.
The strong colours, the clear straight lines and the unusual shaped canvas are the characteristic traits of her artwork. From them emerge a minimalistic approach of intense and unforgettable emotions.
She is currently working closely with “Artdicre Gallery “of Mexico City. Her Art Studio and Gallery is located in Marotta.